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For us the hero is always the entrepreneur. Each of us has founded, run, or worked at start-ups prior to becoming a venture capitalist, so we understand the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. We have the experience to help you through the difficult times and the skills and networks to maximize the ‘window of opportunity’ when it opens.

From those in our thirties to those who have helped shape innovation over the last thirty years, we believe in the power of technology to transform markets and societies. Our collective diversity informs our thinking about the application of new technologies and the markets they address, and enables us to see long-term possibilities that others may overlook.

We believe in being open, honest and direct at all times. We insist on integrity in all aspects of operations, for ourselves and the teams we work with. We seek to align the interests of investors and entrepreneurs in achieving our collective goals. We may sometimes be tough but we do what we say we will and we serve on our company boards as decision makers.

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